Away in the cloud-Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area


Publisher:Dongshin Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau

Director:Taiwan Original vision Communication CO., LTD

Issued Date:December 2010

Length:15 minutes


Due to its unique geography, topography, and convenient driving location brought by the Wushe branch of the Central Cross-Island Expressway, Mt. Hehuan has become the most renowned snow viewing resort in Taiwan. Located on the boundary of Nantou County and Hualien County, Mt. Hehuan Forest Recreational Area is approx. 500 hectares in total, and is almost entirely within the Taroko National Park. Covering altitudes from 2,750 to 3,421 (East Peak) meters, the area has a highland climate that varies greatly between daytime to nighttime. Temperature usually falls below 0℃ during the winter creating snow-fall from December to March. Special scenery includes the steep rock walls and significant valley. The massif of Cilai Twin Peak is visible on the east, and the extensive dwarf bamboo fields intermingle with hemlocks and firs that form an entirely different scene to the snow landscape. During the winter season, snow accumulates in the Hehuan Valley and East Peak, making them perfect locations for skiing. 


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