Above the clouds-Siangyang National Forest Recreation Area


Publisher:Taitung Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau

Director:Taiwan Original vision Communication CO., LTD

Issued Date:October 2007

Length:15 minutes


Situated on the periphery along 147 to 158 kilometers of the Southern Cross-Island Highway, Siangyang National Forest Recreation Area ranges from about 2300 to 2700 meters above sea level and spans 362 hectares. It is the upper reach of the mountainous recreation area of Xiwulu Creek. Beautiful scenery,and the cool-temperate climate with a mean annual temperature of about 11.4 oC, make Siangyang the best summer vacation destination and is the ideal choice for hiking in southern Taiwan.
The peak of Southern Cross-Island Highway, Daguanshan Tunnel, is the best place to watch the sea of clouds, cloudy waterfalls, and mountain mist. From here to Siangyang, there are beautiful mountains with mostly Taiwanese Red Pine and Taiwanese Hemlock growing on the cliffs and steep slopes. Here, visitors can also sight the endless Central Mountain range including, Daguan Mountain, Eagle Mouth Mountain, Tower Mountain, and Guanshanlin. The Marvelous cliff on the east side of Eagle Mountain, the magnificent Daguan Mountain, and dangerous ravine of Siangyan Mountain make up the most beautiful section along the Southern Cross-Island Highway. Due to the high mountain snows in this area, Central Mountain range is very picturesque.


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