Between the water and the Land


Publisher: Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau
Director:Hitech.Vision CO., LTD
Issued Date:Nov. 2011
Length:12 minutes

Wetland is not only the biggest ecological capital of Dapeng Bay national Scenic Area, but also the choicest ecology classroom. Here, gregarious migratory birds ramble in company, new life burgeons from mud, profuse black mangrove and other kinds of mangroves assemble on the rim of wetland. Except for the natural lagoon and mangrove forest, six artificial wetlands were built here for infiltrating and purifying seawater in the bay. Some of them also function as reservoirs and provide Dapeng Bay with a qualified basin. The serpentine bike path that is a total width of 16.4 km locates at the rim of the wetlands, and it is the best way to get close to the wetlands and admire their beauty.

By extension, Little Liuqiu, the only island of coral reef in Taiwan, also belongs to the administration of Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area. The abundant ecology in intertidal zone is more conspicuous when tide ebbs, because the colorfully copious coral reef in the zone becomes confetti of the coast. Undeniably, this island is a pinnacle of Nature.


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