The wild Yehliu


Publisher:North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC
Issued Date:2002
Length:15 minutes

Yehliu, a natural wonder in North Taiwan, is known for an astonishing and diverse landscape which has been affected by wind blows, sun exposure, marine abrasion and earthquakes for several ten million years on earth. Based on the shapes of rock formations, many imaginative names have been given, for example, candle shaped rocks, ginger rocks, chessboard rocks and the famous Queen's Head, a mushroom rock. These rock formations comprise interesting scenery, and hence this area becomes a popular tourist attraction.

How do the special landforms of Yehliu take shape exactly? This video briefly presents the way how the landforms change over a long period of time, providing a detailed introduction to the arrangement of internal strata and the external force, such as sea water and weathering corrosion, which contribute to the unique and diverse landforms in Yehliu at present.

However, once the rich and beautiful landscape is ruined, it cannot be recovered. So we all have to cherish and protect the nature treasure. Please remember to respect and care for the geomorphological landscape of Yehliu when you enjoy it in person. Now watch this video and go on a geologic journey. Let us enjoy and treasure Yehliu together.

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