Amour Yuantan


Publisher:Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC
Produced by:Ming-Shiang Ecological Census Consultant Co., Ltd.
Issued Date:Dec. 2007

Yuantan River is a main branch of Zhuoshui River, and it flows through an area of strata interbedded with sandstone and shale. Under the influence of rock joints, many extraordinary nature wonders take shape, including multi-level waterfalls, giant’s kettles, precipitous cliffs, canyons, steep slopes and so forth, making this area the best place for observing river valley landforms. On summer nights, frogs croak here and there, and fireflies glow. Lot of epiphyte species grow attached to rocks or upon trees in the region with higher humidity. Organisms thrive in sufficient water. In addition, the huge rocks along the river as well as the cliffs next to the waterfall play an important role in the process of nature succession and breed the small food chain. Landforms change over time while the magnificent waterfall is pouring from cliffs down into valleys. Plankton, fry, shrimps, crabs and amphibians breed in the river ecosystem, and herbivorous insects fall prey to all kinds of birds. These comprise an incomparably abundant ecosystem in this area.


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