Cloudy & Foggy forest the scenery of Lalashan and Chatianshan


Publisher:Hsinchu Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau
Director:Team of Video Broadcast CO., LTD
Issued Date:Dec. 2004

Raindrops in the morning in winter change into frost, and sometimes are frozen into white snow, which contributes to a rare snow view in Taiwan. Lalashan intercepts the clouds the north-east monsoon brings in winter, and also the water vapor the south-west monsoon brings in summer, which leads to a long-term cloudy and foggy climate.

Although this area is at an average altitude of 1000 something meters, there exists forest scenery at 2000-3000 meters here. Different scenic views can be seen in four seasons, namely new leaves at lonely treetops in early spring, fresh green trees middle in midsummer, soughing wind and red leaves in autumn, and some falling white snow in cold winter.

More attractively, this area is the hometown of Taiwan beech trees, which thrive in northern Taiwan’s mountains, the southernmost line in the northern hemisphere, including ZhuLuShan, North Chatianshan, South Chatianshan, Lalashan, Alishan and Tongshan.

In addition, Taiwan beech has been classified as one of the rare plants under the Cultural Heritage Preservation Law. It is a precious species that emerged in Ice Age as Formosan Landlocked Salmon is. Late in autumn, the entire mountain becomes beautiful and red as the green leaves of Taiwan beech trees turn golden and red.

Moreover, there are many interesting hidden stories about the titles of various huge trees in the park. The history of mountains is written not only on Cypress bark but also on place names. At that time the ancestors of Atayal found many huge Cypress trees in Baling and said "Balon Balon", the origin of Baling. Fuba Crossing Trail is also introduced in the video. It was constructed by the ancestors of Atayal and acted as a link which connected lineage and culture. The trail became a garrison road when Taiwan was under Japanese rule, and was covered by fallen leaves when Japanese left Taiwan. Changes on clouds and mist in Chatianshan, the formation of high mountains and sufficient ecology comprise stunning scenic views. As the four seasons succeed one another, the forests between 600 and 1200 meters are very changeable and enrich a lot of charming natural fashion for us.


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