Wish of the Ocean Rice


 Shitiping, which is in Tribe Makudaai, Fengbin Township, Hualien County, was a rice terrace twenty years ago. In the harvest season, wind shakes the golden rice ear, so it also has the name of Golden Coast. However, as the decline of tribe agriculture and over-developing of tourism industry, many rice fields have been abandoned and many have even sold their farmland. To find back the vitality of this land and the tribe, Sumi Dongi came back home and devote to promoting terraced paddy field restoration. In a way not using pesticides and herbicide, the land get its vigor back.


Water and ecology has also recovered. The dried up abandoned land transformed into beautiful landscape by re-diversion into the field. Though selling of lands is still continuing, a group of people have decided to stay here cultivating and sowing, to tell the tales of the tribe in their own ways.