Cleaning House – A Home Fit for Waterhen


 Paddy rice has long been Yuanlis economic mainstay. To protect the environment and promote organic farming, the Duck-Field Rice Farm rediscovered the rice farming method that uses the ducks in farming from 2003. Gradually the long disappeared biodiversity has been recovered and the value of agricultural is re-built. Under the principle that economy and ecology should be placed equal emphasis, the Duck-Field Rice Farm also regained its energy and continuing on its way toward sustainable ecological community development.


After years of maintenance and observation, the changes of Duck-Field Rice Farm have been found and many of them are astonishing. For example, the appearance of the White-breasted Waterhens is recorded. Though they are common nonmigratory birds, their shyness make the in-depth report and screening of White-breasted Waterhens very rare. In folk tales, the waterhens are said to have a close relation with the paddy ecology and the village. Also, in this film we can see that how a group of people used natural resources to build an ecological corridor and unite together to strive for the comprehensive community building.