Migratory birds staying in the Cheng Long wetlands














Production Unit:Chang Yu Chien

Organ:Forestry Bureau

Director:Chang Yu Chien

publishing Data:AD 2013 year February

Running Time: 27 minutes 34 seconds



Kouhu Township, which is in Yunlin County, has long been a disaster area due to frequent typhoon invasion. In this film, we could understand, from the point of view of Chenglong Village, the relation between the establishment of Wanshan Temple and typhoon flood, and the mysterious cause of Chenglong Wetland.

To introduce the wetland to local residents, the Forestry Bureau invited Kuan-Shu Educational Foundation to enter Chenglong Village, started a program of long term accompany of communities and to promote wetland environmental education. Kids become Goodwill Ambassadors of wetland and participate in cultural and environmental activities such as building kiosks in wetland and inviting artists to create installation art suitable for wetland with their parents and grandparents. The activities are expected to integrate the community with the wetland more closely.

Now, many birds have inhabited in Chenglong Wetland. Activities like bird watching can pass on the concept of conservation to people. Once the migratory birds continue to choose to come here regularly, the Chenglong Wetland would become a place full of vitality.