Dolphin Etude Taiwan's Choice
















Production Unit:Jian Yu Chiun

Organ:Forestry Bureau

Director:Jian Yu Chiun 

publishing Data:AD 2013 year July

Running Time: 50 minutes 23 seconds



“Just like the études for learning music, growing up also needs practicing. Only after constant practicing and enhancing of the performance techniques can we truly become grown up.”

In the fast developing generation, everyone scrambles only to get a place for a living. However, many have tried to achieve the goal at the expense of our environment.

In west coast of Taiwan, from Lungfung fishing port, Miaoli County to Waisanting Island, Chiayi County inhabiting the Chinese white dolphins, which are labeled as near threatened species by IUCN. For years, this has been a sensitive issue due to its involvement with economic development - the Chinese white dolphins live near the estuary, where industrial development locates. Excessive pollutants and lack of food often cause death of the dolphins. Since the controversy of Kuokuang Petrochemical Project in 2008, whose investment amount is more than 500 billion, many have started to notice the conditions of the dolphins.

To strive for the survival of the dolphins, the director spent five years on the issue of conservation of Chinese white dolphins. He traveled around Taiwan to shot the dolphins and studied some protected areas in other regions and countries like Fujian, Guangdong, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Perhaps only if humans abandon the unlimited exploitation of ocean resources and start to respect and recognize the importance of biodiversity can the sustainable development become truly achievable.