The Story of geoparks in Taiwan

















Production Unit:DaAi TV

Organ:Forestry Bureau

Director: Feng Jen-Lung

publishing Data:AD 2013 year August

Running Time:48:04



The island of Taiwan is located in the plate boundary zone. The frequent crust movement resulted in the diverse landscapes. Bring your telescope and tie your shoelaces, let's go see the landscapes!

Let's see from above, as the photographer Po-lin Chi did, to experience the beauty seen from the sky. The first stop is Caoling Geopark in Yunlin. The young strata and corresponding landslide, flying sand and gravel are wild and attractive and sure will amaze people. The second stop is Penghu Marine Geopark. The famous columnar joint structure basalts look like the palace of the dragon.People may even think of Urashima Tarō and the palace he once lived. The last stop is Yanchao Geopark. It's known for the mudrock volcanoes and the natural gas. Set off by the Foster-daughter Lake, it is enjoyable to take a walk on it.

The three geoparks and their scenery all touch us with the same kind of sensation. The geopark networking in Taiwan has already taken shape. Looking at the landscapes that took millions of years to form also teaches us how to appreciate the beauty of nature and to conserve the natural environment.