The Aogu Wetland and Forest Park

















Production Unit:Taiwan Original Vision Communication Co., Ltd (TOV)

Organ:Chiayi Forest District Office

Director: Xu Hong-Long

publishing Data:AD2011year June

Running Time:50:00



There are many environmental resources in Taiwan. One of the most representative are the wetlands. The Aogu Wetland and Forest Park locates on the Tropic of Cancer, next to the highest mountain, Jade Mountain, of Taiwan. On the northern side of the wetland is Yunlin Country, southern Dongshih Township and western side Taiwan Strait.

 As the northeast monsoon set on, the wetland enter its dry season. The shoal with lower water level becomes a good place for the migratory birds to forage.

 The experts find that the Aogu wetland is most rich in birds. According to records there are about 200 species, almost half of all in Taiwan. Among them three quarters are migratory birds. Besides, there are also many raptors in the region.

 The rich environmental resources not only attract the migratory birds, but also be the source of agriculture and fishery like rice, oysters, eels, seaweeds and others. Thus, Chiayi has not only beautiful sceneries, historical sites and delicious cuisines, but also natural wonders that we can learn a lot from them.

 In the film, the origin of the name “Aogu” is explained. Succession of the wetland and how it evolved from a wasteland to ecologically-rich area and helped the economic and cultural development of local people is also introduced. The different landscapes throughout the year in Aogu wetland sure will amaze us.