Removing of the exotic species Red-billed Blue Magpie

















Production Unit:Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute (TESRI)

Organ:Dongshih Forest District Office

publishing Data:AD2008 year May

Running Time:24:17



Taiwan Blue Magpie is a rare species of bird endemic to Taiwan. It has a black head and deep blue body. Also, it’s popular with the bird lovers and has been voted as the national bird of Taiwan. In 2002, visitors found that in Wuling Mountain appeared a kind of bird with the appearance being similar to the Taiwan Blue Magpie. After some investigation, it was shown to be the Red-billed Blue Magpie, or Chinese Blue Magpie, which is in the same genus as Taiwan Blue Magpie.

The Red-billed Blue Magpies live in China originally. Since it doesn’t fly for long distance, it might be smuggled into Taiwan. Since they have the same habits as Taiwan Blue Magpies and their genes are much alike, they may mate and pollute the characteristic gene. Thus, many have appealed that the government should take action to deal with the problem as soon as possible. The authority concerned, Forestry Bureau, therefore entrusted the remove mission to the Endemic Species Research Institute to reduce any further impact the introduced species have on the local ecology. In the removing process some offspring of the mating of these two kinds was found. Fortunately, the remove mission is in time to avoid an ecological catastrophe. However, the entire remove mission has cost about a million NTD. Arbitrarily introducing exotic species will endanger the indigenous species, and human will have to pay for that, too.