Emperor of Daxue Mountain - Mikado Pheasants

















Production Unit:Taiwan Original Vision Communication Co., Ltd (TOV)

Organ: Forestry Bureau

Director:  Xu Hong-Long

publishing Data:AD2012year January

Running Time:24:14



In the misty Daxue Mountain, fogs gently rise and gather to become a sea of clouds, forming a wonderland on the clouds. In the mist, the black and white tails have stories that few people know for a hundred year.

The Mikado pheasant is a rare species of bird endemic to Taiwan. The Japanese called it “Mikado Kiji”, Emperor of pheasants, to describe its nobility. Because it belong to the genus Syrmaticus, or long-tailed pheasants, the formal binomial name is Syrmaticus mikado. Ever wondering how these pheasants fall in love with each other? How do they survive in the dangerous environment? The habitat fragmentation caused by downgraded habitats and changing climate is the biggest threat to affect the numbers of population of the Mikado pheasants. Only by retaining the biodiversity and the integrity of the habitats can we keep the beauty of the Mikado pheasants in Taiwan’s forests.

This film is the winner of several awards of the 35th International Wildlife Film Festival, including the Best Scientific Content, Best Sound Design and Best Cinematography.