Give the Owls a Home

















Production Unit: Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Research Society of Taichung
Publishing Organ: Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan Forestry Bureau 
Director: Tai-Wei Wu
Publishing Time: 2013.04
Running Time: 24:37


The collared scops owls are the most widespread and common owls at low-altitude in Taiwan. However, due to the economical or traffic needs, the suburb hills are often being developed and thus the collared scops owls are gradually entering the urban area where the people live.

The urban area seems to be a nice place for the collared scops owls since they are not picky eaters and there are sufficient food supplies and relatively fewer predators. However there’s one problem that the trees are often too young or not suitable for the collared scops owls who don't build nests on their own and need to live in the natural tree holes. With the efforts of the conservation activist, the artificial nestboxes have been introduced into the campus and repeatedly improved to become the collared scops owls’ secure home in the urban environment.

Also, children can closely observe the nestboxes to have more understanding of these big-eyed friends and even being participated into the conservation activities. There have been more than 50 schools in this project. However, the setup of the nestboxes is just the temporary compensation for their habitats. The final goal is to keep and restore more trees as the owls’ ideal breeding sites, and to make human and the owls live together harmoniously.