Waves walking, Whale observing, Fishing village Sightseeing ─ LOHAS in Taitung


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The first beam of dawn appears slowly from the horizontal here; the winding coastline extends here beside the Pacific; the Kuroshio and the Oyashio meet here, bringing nutrition for countless sea creatures. Here is Taitung- where the long and narrow area between Costal Range and the Pacific serves as the habitat for different populations.

Going southbound along Provincial Highway No. 11, we could find many large settlements all related to fishery. Shinggang Harbor in Chinggong town is the most famous place to find fresh Swordfish and Dolphin Fish (Mahimahi). Various kinds of fish are exported from Chenggong; and in Japan, the Swordfish and Dolphin Fish Sashimi from Chenggong Township are known to be of the highest quality. Tourists from all parts of Taiwan don’t have to travel to Japan- just come to Chenggong and there will be different kinds of Sashimi and delicious cuisine to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Besides eating seafood and visiting the harbor, sailing out on whale-observing boats is definitely a best choice for families. The odds for you to witness whales and dolphins along the east coast of Taiwan stand over 90%. Furthermore, visitors can feed fish in Shanyuan-fushan Complex fish area and have an intimate contact with the aquatic creatures. The intertidal zone of Shanyuan-fushan Complex fish area is rich in ecological resources; and the marine creatures here do not fear people, which make close-up observation easier.

Tasting delicious seafood, visiting the harbor, natural observation to experiencing the human customs of the fishing village, the east coast of Taiwan definitely allows tourists an easy-going “LOHAS” attitude towards life.

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