Waves walking, Whale observing, Fishing village Sightseeing ─ LOHAS in Hualian


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Stretching along the steep coast off the eastern shore, the Suao-Hualien Highway adds a humane touch to the natural grandeur of Cingshui Cliffs.

The sea of Hualian is not only a wonderful spot for whale-observing, but also a great place for fishermen earning their living, because the Kuroshio Current brings along abundant marine lives. And thus people get to enjoy diverse fresh seafood. Among all the marine products, “stockfish,” commonly seen on kitchen tables, is actually a specialty of Hualian. Tourists can find everything they want to know about stockfish in Chinsing Tan Katsuo Museum.

After visiting the museum, visitors can also find high-quality Gold Clam here. The Gold Clam farms are also water parks, where tourists enjoy water as well as collecting clams.. In Hualian, it’s just easy to embrace nature and experience “LOHAS.”

Resource & Reference: Media from the Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan, Forestry Bureau

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