The Resurgences of interests in Bamboo industry


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Bamboo, being slender while shaking with the wind, is the plant which represents the most in Chinese culture. It is adored for its modestly open-minded, abstemious, hardy and upstanding spirit. It’s also the plant which greatly permeates through daily life, also known as “Three friends in Winter(pine, bamboo and plum)” and “The four noble plants (plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum)” . We can’t live without bamboo in our basic daily needs..

Taiwan is exceptionally rich in natural resources, and yet, in all respects, here is the most suitable place in the world for the development of bamboo industry. We own the best quality and the masters whom known well of bamboo.
However, the age of petroleum has come and caused many bamboo products in daily life to face being replaced by plastic ones Furthermore, the cheap handicrafts from Mainland China are as well as a huge blow to Taiwan bamboo industry.

As a result, Taiwan bamboo industry finds a new path. The bamboo turned into a high-tech industry by putting the bamboo into the kiln with high heat. Then, the original bamboo becomes the new material with multiple functions as deodorization, humidistat, improving water quality, far infrared, shielded electromagnetic wave. In addition, after a complicated process of smoking and roasting, the colour of bamboo will become nobly golden black. The bamboo possess insect prevention and rot resistance. It becomes the source for the craftsman.
Bamboo is the virtuous mate in both Chinese spiritual and material life. It is also our endless treasure in the forest. Through the up-to-date technology and originality, bamboo has gradually stood out conspicuously and vitally and provided new imagination for the sustainable use of our forest.

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