Transformation: Forestry becomes the feature of community


Production Unit: The Barley Image studio
Publishing Organ: Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan

The residents who live and work around the seaside happily for decades because of the largest Casuarina equisetifolia L. (Beef Woods) has been hampered by sea wind. The migrant Seabirds have become the good friend s of the residents after the fallow land. There are many small communities where facing the problem of outward migration and aging population in Taiwan. People are hesitant and worry about their future after the changes of industry. As a result, the community forestry would be a better alternative option for live and work happily in hometown instead of faltering all the way.

Wunnei community at Jhunan Township in Miaoli County cooperates with the forestry unit to grow wind breaking elements near the seaside and investigate the resources of animal and plant. Once again, the residents know more about their homeland, reignite an enthusiastic life and also find a new direction for the community.

Chiushi community at Danei Dist. in Tainan City has transformed the traditional route into an ecological footpath where grows a rarely new precious species of plant,Chinese Begonia (Begonia ravenii Peng & Chen), after implementing the community forestry. Besides, residents revitalize rural economies by exploiting the Mikania micrantha (also know as Milea-minute Weed and green cancer that jeopardizes Taiwan forest) into a plant pigment that creates beautiful dye products. In this way, the community forestry serve to weed out the green cancer and do something good for our natural environment as well.

The community forestry creates the opportunity for the community to participate in unison and rediscover its character and value. We believe that as long as we hold by our principle, this community could be in the spotlight.

Reference Source: Video-info Platform of Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan
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