New Leisure Forestry: Eco travel


Production Unit: The Barley Image studio
Publishing Organ: Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan

Forest, being an immense, multifunctional, complicated ecosystem with multispecies inside, provides air purification, climate adjustment, ecological balance, natural resources and recreation for us. The covering area of forest in Taiwan reaches to 58.5% of the land area—from the sea level to the perpendicular altitude of more than 4000 meters which makes Taiwan become a suitable habitat for many organisms. 
National Forest Recreation Areas, probably the safest and the most relaxing place for people, provide us the way to know forest and learn to get along with it while simultaneously enjoy its recreational resources at ease.

At present, we have 22 National Forest Recreation Areas where over 3 millions tourists travel each year. How to keep balance between human needs and natural conservation will be the top task for the management of Forest Recreation Areas

Therefore, Taiwan Forest Recreation Areas endeavor to make all tourists feel like home by improving safety control, processing educational training, and enhancing service quality. Meanwhile, they attend the forest conservation and ecological balance which gets result in lots of certification from international institutes. Now, people can enjoy rich and beauty of forest heartily without any pressure when coming to National Forest Recreation Areas.

Reference Source: Video-info Platform of Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan
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