DIY: Trail Working Holiday


Production Unit: The Barley Image studio
Publishing Organ: Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan

Many people take advantage of holidays to travel and enjoy the pure land,beautiful scenery and clean water at Li-Yu-Tan Reservoir, the biggest lake in Hualien. Rowing in the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, you can completely enjoy the leisure time here without any burden. However, there are more and more people enjoy other kind of different holidays. They sweat and use all senses to foster emotions with land. In a way, they reconfirm the meaning of voyage through physical service.

These unusual vacationers come from various walks of life such as the female engineer from Hsinchu Science Park, teachers, aborigines of Amis Tribe near Chinnan community and so on.. No matter they are from local or live far away, , both devote a great deal of mental vigor with small amount of money to build the trails with more eco-friendly elements and fulfill the need of pedestrian for the forest in Taiwan.

The concept of “Trail Working Holiday” has been carried out for many years overseas. It’s a new activity for volunteers to experience the combination of ecotourism and construct trails. The populace who are willingto preserve mountain environment can contribute physical strength and holiday to experience ecological education and popularize the forest conservation. Through the “Working Holiday” like this, we can create a win-win situation for both the working vacationers to obtain mentally and physically satisfaction. The environment also get trimmed while preserving.

Reference Source: Video-info Platform of Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan
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