Pay a visit to the Ten Most Popular Waterfalls in Taiwan (Episode 2)


Production Unit: The Barley Image studio
Publishing Organization: Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan

The mountain changes its appearances throughout seasons. Amid the flowing clouds and mist, you can feel the trace of time passing by and coordinating with the seasons by turn. In the forests in Taiwan, not only vegetation but also waterfalls appear due to the capricious geographic forms and water.

Each of the “Ten Popular Waterfalls” elected by the Forestry Bureau adopts a unique feature with its own charm, some of which are located at an altitude over 2000 meters. As snow-broth flows down from the top, it nourishes massive plantation as well as generating fresh streams. Scouring by the steep limestone of eastern Taiwan, waterfalls in the valley cascade and draw a graceful curve in a soaring posture until ultimately reaching downstream.

Due to the damage caused by typhoons and topographical change, some waterfalls has withdrawn from society and existed in obscurity temporarily only to wait for the right moment to amaze visitors. Taiwan is a young island prospering in the landform of waterfall. The Taiwanese have started to take soil and water conservation seriously and to protect forests these years. The “Ten Popular Waterfalls in Taiwan” are ten scenic routes for the world to see the beauty of Taiwan.

Reference Source: Video-info Platform of Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan
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