Pay a visit to the Ten Most Popular Waterfalls in Taiwan (Episode 1)


Production Unit: The Barley Image studio
Publishing Organization: Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan

Owing to the diverse height in the geographic layout of Taiwan, the rivers on this young island created numerous waterfalls and canyons with powerful carving. Waterfalls, stirring up vapor and mist and scouring mountain rocks, make mountains appear vividly artistic and picturesque.

Moreover, developed within such a humid condition, the forests in mountain areas hold a comprehensive ecological system. Fish swimming around and birds foraging under the rushing streams; such lively scenes have embodied the diversity of wild lives here.
For human beings, the beautiful cascade releases anion, which is good for both the body and the mind. In order to encourage people to embrace nature and appreciate the distinctive waterfalls in the mountain, the Forestry Bureau has been promoting the “Ten Popular Waterfalls of Taiwan” as a reference for tour guide. The Bureau has also held an online election ballot and consulted the recommendation from experts and scholars for this project. Going for an outing in Taiwan could be more convenient and beneficial for good health.

Each of the “Ten Popular Waterfalls” has its special character; and some of them are just located around the suburbs, making it easy for the whole family to visit and also providing a fitting view for painting. As for the ones situated deep in the mountains, it’ll take you a few hours’ trudging after taking a ride on the Bang Bang Train/ Bouncy Cars to finally have a look at the beautiful spectacle. Besides traveling via the movie images, please do take action and seize the chance to visit the famous waterfalls of Taiwan.

Reference Source: Video-info Platform of Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan
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