Director: Chiang Shu-ting

Length: 30 minutes

A group of organic farmers in an Atayal indigenous community in the Hseuh-shan mountains in north-central Taiwan learn what coexistence with nature means.

‘Galaho’ is a word in the Atayal language that means ‘high’ or ‘distant’. It characterizes The word can certainly be used to describe the vision of the farmers, and the filmmaker.

Though modern agriculture feeds the people and makes a profit, the approach – fertilizers and pesticides – is harmful to ecology, the environment, the land itself.

Agricultural production should be part of local ecosystems. And gradually, more and more people are going back to nature as well as traditional farming techniques.

‘Organic’ products are everywhere, and many businessmen without a commitment to sustainable want to capitalize on organic’s cachet.

The process of preparing and planting the land convinces the farmers that conventional farming goes against the ways of nature and allows them to understand that man and nature can coexist.

Maybe large scale industrial organic farming is a way to get rich, but Galago will show you what it’s like for farmers working on a smaller scale out of a commitment to sustainability.


This documentary should not be copied without the consent of the director Chiang Shu-ting.