Symbiosis on the Earth─Gospel from Migratory Birds


The water quality of a wetland is the index of the environmental quality; the amount of water birds represents the wetland’s health condition; the bird lovers are the power of environmental protection.

The documentary, “Symbiosis on Earth - Gospel from Migratory Birds”, is produced by the Society of Subtropical Ecology and published by the Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan. Recorded up to 20 years, the film shows that Taiwan is a heaven for migratory birds for having abundant wetlands, such as Kenting (Pingtung), Chigu (Tainan), Dansuie River (Taipei) and Lanyang River (Yilan).

Hen-Biau King, director general of the Society of Subtropical Ecology, is the narrator and speaker in the film. He not only introduces the live style of migratory birds but also interviews birds protectors who have observed birds for more than 20 years, including Yi-Jung Tsai (director of the Bureau of Kenting National Park), Tung-Hui Kuo (director general of Chinese Wild Bird Federation), Ka-Shiang Liu (writer of ecology and literature and history investigation) and Yung-Hua Wu (a longtime investigator of birds ecology). They all share the charisma of the precious creatures.

Waders, herons, gulls and waterfowls are the main four groups that stay for winter in Taiwan. Each species has its unique way to look for food, and utilizes different food sources.

Fortunately, the versatile wetlands in Taiwan can meet different species’ requirement. The biological diversity is precious treasure that needs to be protected. Let’s see how these different types of migratory birds show their own ways to stay in the wetlands in Taiwan.