Rulinshan, A Place That Mother Nature Blesses


Production:Team Of Video Broadcast, Co. Ltd.
Publish:Chiayi Forest District Office, Taiwan Forestry Bureau

Rulinshan Strict Nature Reserve / Wilderness Area was originally called Rulinshan Mixed Coniferous/ Broad-leaf Forest Nature Reserve, and was established in October, 2000, administered by Chiayi Forest District Office. It is located in Alishan town, Chiayi county, with the altitude ranging from 1,700 to 2,885 m. Its east front is defined by Rulinchien Mountain and Shihshuishan Moutain; the west front is defined by upstream Boboyo River and Sekizan Mountain. The total area is 495 hectares.
Different landscapes converge here to form a beautiful scene with high mountains and deep gorges. Broad-leaf forest is covered by the fog at dusk like being bathed in a sea of clouds. Without being disturbed by human activities, the primitive mixed coniferous/ broad-leaf forest is almost intact. The fauna goes through a transition here due to the ascending of the altitude. Therefore the animal diversity here is largely rich. Pleasant and surprising nature wonders happen all the time while walking on the water-pipe trail. The Rulinshan trail leading to the Rulinshan observatory faces the sun and has a completely different flora and fauna from the water-pipe trail.
Only through in-depth understanding about the ecosystem, can we preserve the beauty brought by Mother Nature. Rulinshan Strict Nature Reserve / Wilderness Area was established to serve the purpose, providing an ideal environment for researchers to explore and observe specific species and hence improve our preservation efforts to protect them. Staff from Chiayi Forest District Office patrol the forest with a great sense of responsibility, preventing devastation toward our cherished nature environment. To share the spirit with the public, trails with explanation signs were built. This is the milestone for wildlife habitat preservation.