Century of Taiwan's forestry development


Production: China television company

Producer: Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture (COA), Executive Yuan, R.O.C

Get the urge to forestry centre "the Eight Immortals mountain forest trail are both anecdotes about-"Film to was the natural Pat Sin mountain forest trail are both human resources and to demonstrate, transport and tourism information.
By the Forestry Bureau Tungshih forest management office Zhang are responsible for the interpretation of the blessed, actual shooting team at the scene, and with the local residents, forestry Centre, older employees interviews, in view of the history of, and the memory of, supplementary description.

Located in Taichung County peace villages, due to the main peak height of2.424Meters above sea level, that is, 7998 Daily ft, nearly 80Sq ft, thus making it interesting homonyms, named " Eight Immortals mountain."

Taiwan's early are as follows: three forestry centre-Taipingshan Forest farms in the North, middle-, and southern-Alishan Forest farm forestry, for both the former JB-bed for the breakout, since 1914 year to 1964 year, and total 50Years felled trees cut down, pick up dry wood through it to the ropeway rowed skidding factory, which is commonly known as the ropeway, creating the complete cage, loading and unloading to the new cableway through big mountain authorities car (for example, a pallet truck), to the BBCA Plains track.

Visible at the time of the major shipping for the ropeway and track, the public is also a means of transportation and the train; the flow is still available at Pok Oi Village SONGHE tribal see old station, just past the station a long time-Liang-dweller has become a dwelling, the transportation of wood train tracks have become asphalt roads.

In the year 1927 "Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpo sponsor's choice of activities in Taiwan eight views from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the people's choice, carried out at the foothills of the JB to Taiwan, the altitude of about 900Meters, is a well-known local beside a moment's Taiwan, won the vote in the third place, the number of votes or even better than today's tourist destination "Mt. Ali", " Sun Moon Lake ".

After the retrocession of to 1989Years, forest management office to Tachia, so the area WINS beside the Memorial on Tachia forest management office " 1989Reform since 2002, Tachia snow mountain, forest management offices and combined into a demonstration forest management office "Tungshih forest management office".

Because, as the relationship between forestry Centre, bring up the Japanese occupation era, River down to show a line to the phenomenon of prosperity, but because of this felled trees were attacked by following a40Years of conservation and recuperate, and now the resumption of the green forest facial appearance, and add the sitting-out facilities around the various sound, you can take through the forest trail winds and forestry, the ruins of experience.

In the year 1985, development into forest recreation area, an area of 2,300, Eight Immortals mountain forest recreation area planning routes multivariate trails niche markets, people may choose according to physical fitness, along the trail are hiking, ancient ruins, landscape for all the family, namely:

1. Cheung-Ching trail are both:1050 Meters back and forth1.5Hours.

2.: masseur3320 Meters back and forth3Hours.

3. Challenge the trail are: 63 Meters back and forth6Hours.

Since the start of the Japanese occupation era, and that is a very popular hiking mountain environments, and now no longer work, including logging for one's health and conservation, has been restored by mountains, trees, covering the face, but also the ten Tsengwen and JB river confluence in the meantime, the Eight Immortals mountain forest recreation area now vacation resorts, people will also be able to do this, with both feet walk in nature, with the eyes and the beauty of ornamental, and experience the wonder of the Eight Immortals mountain forest recreation area of natural ecology and landscape, feel the history of humanity, the beauty of the unique, found.