Access to Taiwan by Aerial survey


Access to Taiwan by Aerial survey

Production: DA-MAI Studio of Communication
Producer: China Television Company, the Executive Yuan Council of Agriculture, Forest Bureau.

Agriculture and Forestry by the Forest Bureau aerial survey of the use of specialized high-altitude aircraft measurements of air to shoot images in the records, detailed records of every inch of land of Taiwan to retain fond memories of all the land, but also keep changing every time disaster information

Prior to the aerial survey, the staff well in advance to the view point of the triangle, the laying of a prominent space punctuation, as a control point, and detailed records of the control points the shape, size, color, and measuring the coordinates after the other, providing the aircraft is responsible for shooting Staff and aerial maps produced after the calibration and accurate basis.

Aerial images are recorded to provide maps, land planning, resource surveys, practical and accurate basis, the special film record of the recorded image can also provide the status of agricultural forecasting, disaster investigation agroforestry, such as X-rays to provide professional To determine the causes of variation of land, such as rice and tree pests, landslides and other disasters, in order to understand the causes and prevention of disasters, methods, and determine how to rectify this, the guardian of Taiwan's ecological environment.

Forestry aerial survey taken over the years kept records of the empty film image, the image of land to provide our understanding of landscape change in Taiwan, therefore, also help in aerial photographs and other private land measuring different functions, provide the public with a clear basis for land measurement disputes.

Lead us through the film shot by aerial photographs, from the triangular point of laying, pre-meetings, safety inspection, the actual aerial photography, film washing, scanning, graphics, etc. are calculated through the tight, carefully reviewed carefully Planning, and repeated proofreading, strictly examine and determine the information is correct before the results have, in addition to the hard work taken outside of work colleagues have measured the site survey compared himself to make aviation more accurate and effective measurement of outcomes, but also Make us more understanding of our beautiful home.