Plant the Green Miracle.


Plant the Green Miracle.

Production: DA-MAI Studio of Communication
Producer: China Television Company, the Executive Yuan Council of Agriculture, Forest Bureau.

Trees have a versatile and has many important functions, they continue to absorb sunlight, air, soil, and rain of nutrients, the energy transmitted and stored in the roots, stems, leaves, and fruit, and then released and used to provide things, to support various All manner of biological life, and create the home of aquatic organisms, but also provide habitat for terrestrial animals that there is their living environment of housing.

Trees with dense foliage that can cover the sun, In addition, the dense foliage, soft, rough bark, soil has a fine pore will help to block noise transmission, 10 meters wide and 30% of the trees the noise can be reduced, 20 Meter wide belt of noise can be reduced 40%, planting trees on both sides of the road, you can shade, and block the noise, improving the living quality of the roadside households efficiently, so the trees can be said that the lungs of the city is also a natural muffler.

Forest phytoncid and negative ions can stabilize the autonomic nervous system to help physical and mental health, negative ions and the formation of the temperature difference is a result of the environment shade, waterfalls around the relatively low temperature, the formation of air convection, when the air flow and blow the water surface to Will produce a large number of negative ions in the air, negative ions combine with self-cultivation is the best way in forest bathing.

Formosa Taiwan is green, before the migration and dense forests of Taiwan with 3 thousand meters from the mountain to the coastal plain, but the development of land and frequent earthquakes, typhoons and even a lot of rain down the factors that often result in unpredictable Disasters, we must work to implement new ideas to maintain biological diversity in afforestation order to prevent disaster.

Afforestation in the new view, using a complex method storied afforestation, reforestation work is divided into alpine forest, hillside afforestation, reforestation and coastal plain forest, mountains over 1500 meters above sea level to conserve first, most of the first use of natural repopulation Way; other areas to encourage public participation in forest by way of reward hillside restoration. By planting to create a quality living environment in the plains and coastal areas, to rebuild the ecological environment and sustainable use, we must plant the right trees in the right place, and the main tree species native to Taiwan. Variety of tree species native be able to re-create the original appearance in nature.

Forest Service personnel is to protect forest workers who repair the wounds of the earth through the forest, determined by wind and sand and soil in the geological stability of the coastline, the film leads us along with the Forest Service personnel from all over Taiwan to different environments, different geology, different Vegetation, planted together, with afforestation, together with improving the ecological environment, from the selection of planting, nurturing and attentive care of seedlings, tending work in the transplant, so that we can all participate together through film.
Coastal afforestation is very hard and difficult work, the Northeast Coast is a rare successful regional coastal afforestation, coastal afforestation of sand fence and stability need to use sand, sand and vegetation began to grow in the stable, such as saddle rattan cane and other plants, after the The second line started planting shrubs or trees. to protect the creatures in space, close to the natural diversity of plants storied complex, re-establishment of a new coast line of defense.

Poor soil in Dadu mountain, Big millet grass often cause the forest fires that’s the main reason. In the 91 years, "to seize the land of Taiwan with roots firmly - a Tree activities "by planting, plant a tree, and planting the poor but resistant species , such as acacia, Taiwan Luan tree, and there become a Dadu mountain forest, vegetation change the face of Dadu,. Dadu, that originally and sparsely populated transforms a famous mountain trails.
Basalt and strong monsoon in Penghu, resulting in barren soil, plants difficult to survive, but the team continued efforts through afforestation and found that green has become a green park, the main tree species planted for the Norfolk island pine, Norfolk island pine resin has Auto-repair function, to prevent salt damage for the islands of Penghu, surrounded by the sea and coastal areas.

Seedlings must be planted after 9 years of compulsory education. In these 9 years, the Forest Service personnel to maintain the growth environment on a regular basis, in 9 years have regularly accepted social norms, such as pruning or thinning, to be accepted for each tree Compulsory education and social norms, soil and water conservation, air purification, climate regulation, provision of open events are all great responsibility, and to maintain the natural ecological balance to protect biological diversity and sustainable management in the forest, planted a suitable Species under the infinite hope, planted a miracle unexpectedly.