Ershui Taiwan Macaque Nature Reserve- Beauty Of The Wilderness


Production:Team Of Video Broadcast, Co. Ltd.
Publish:Nantou Forest District Office, Taiwan Forestry Bureau

Macaques migrated from China to Taiwan 40,000 years ago and evolved into an endemic species of Taiwan. Located in Ershui town, Changhua county, Ershui Taiwan Macaque Nature Reserve was established in 1981 and is administered by Nantou Forest District Office. Its total area is 94 hectares, with altitude ranging from 250 to 400m. The annual average temperature is 23°C with an average precipitation over 2000 mm. The weather is hot and humid. The ecosystem here is a typical subtropical rainforest.

According to the field survey, the flora here has a lot of diversity, therefore providing wild animals a very good environment to prosper in. There are at least 2 crustacean species, 4 amphibian species, 6 reptile species, 7 mammal species, 42 bird species and 49 butterfly species. Taiwan Macaques are social, diurnal animals. Their mating season is from November to January. The pregnant females give birth from April to July. Their most common social behavior is grooming each other.

The key to wildlife preservation is to keep the habitat intact. Therefore the management of Ershui Taiwan Macaque Nature Reserve is focused on environmental monitoring. Since the launch of the environmental monitoring project by Nantou Forest District Office in March, 1992, the number of Taiwan Macaques has increased. Bird traps are removed on a regular basis to maintain a safe environment for wildlife.