Four Seasons In Juiyenhsi Forest Reserve


Production:Team Of Video Broadcast, Co. Ltd. Publish:Nantou Forest District Office, Taiwan Forestry Bureau Established in October, 1991, to preserve the natural resources in Taiwan’s mid/high altitude, Juiyenhsi Forest Reserve is located at Ren-Ai Town Nantou County, with its area of 1,450 hectares. Most of the reserve area is on slopes facing north. The altitude ranges from 1,210 to 3,416m. High mountain flowers blossom all over the reserve during the spring. The diverse ecosystems distributed in the reserve represent typical Taiwan mountain vegetation, including broad-leaf, coniferous/ broad-leaf mixed, coniferous forests, Mountain Scrubs and pastures. Blossoms and young shoots thrive in broad leaf forests here during spring. Green color covers both coniferous and broad-leaf forest with flowers decorated in between and profound symphonies played by insects during summer. Fall brings different color to the area. For forests above 2,000 m there are abundant endemic plant species, especially epiphytes and aerophytes. Nocturnal animals become active after dusk. November is the best time to enjoy the colorful world stained by maple trees. The temperature drops below 0° C during winter, and the whole Yushania niitakayamensis pasture becomes a silver world with snow and frost covering on it. Juiyenhsi Forest Reserve was founded to preserve the relics and endemic species only seen in Taiwan. It is the natural equivalent of Taiwan’s gene bank. Hopefully, Taiwan’s natural resources are better kept through these efforts.