Flaming clouds around misty peaks: the beauty of sunrise at Jioujiou Peaks Nature Reserve (English)


Production:Team of Video Broadcast Co.,Ltd.
Publish:Taiwan Forestry Bureau,C.O.A.

Jioujiou Peaks was formed from conglomerate rock stratum by orogenesis. Its steep yet connected peaks have inspired many poets. “Jade shoots into sky” is the best portrait for its mystic beauty, out of many ancient legends. The scenery of its ‘Flaming clouds around misty peaks” was considered the best among Chang-hua’s eight wondrous natural scenes.

Jioujiou Peaks Nature Reserve is located at the Wu river basin in central Taiwan, across Taiping city and Wu-Feng town, Taichung county with an area of 1200 hectares. Erosion is common in the reserve area. The small and big peaks stand in great numbers and are called Jioujiou (Jioujiou is the Chinese meaning of the number 99) pointed peaks. Unfortunately, the 921 earthquake changed the landscape greatly, leaving a very special geological appearance. Without vegetation covering the land, landslide happens whenever there is a downpour. The biological resources are very profound here because of the unique habitat. Pioneer heliophilous tree species are the most common plants seen here. There are 23 reptile species, 56 bird species, 14 amphibian species, 19 mammal species, 727 insect species and 247 spider species observed in the reserve.

The educational value of Jioujiou Peaks because of its unique landscape helped the area become announced as a nature reserve in 2000 by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. Jioujiou Peaks Nature Reserve is the first nature reserve established after earthquake disaster for the preservation of its impacted yet special landscape. The intention is to ensure the process of natural evolution will not be disrupted. In this way, the natural environment of Jioujiou Peaks can be preserved and evolved without human interference. The diversity of the landscape is also maintained by our effort to show respect for Mother Nature’s own healing pace.