Dawushan Nature Reserve — The Nature (English)


Publish:Taiwan Forestry Bureau

Dawushan Nature Reserve is located on the border between Pingdong and Taidong Counties, east of the main forest of .Dawushan mountain area (the southern part of the Central mountain range) It is the biggest Nature Reserve (except for national parks) in Taiwan. Being the only intact low/mid altitude forest with its large coverage area (47,000 hectares) in Taiwan, the reserve provides various important habitats for wild life. It is known for its bio-diversity and rare endemic species and subspecies that cannot be found in other places of the world.
The mountain, lake and river/stream ecosystems dwell in the Dawushan horst, forming a very unique and independent environment, in which many plants thrive. The fauna is also abundant, with 26 reptile species, 12 fish species, 135 bird species, 16 amphibian species, 27 mammal species and 70 butterfly species. It might also be the last habitat for Taiwan clouded leopards. Prophytes are intact in the area as well. Most of the area is covered by primary forest, in which rare endangered species can be seen. The vegetation varies vertically, along with the change of the temperature zones. They include subtropical forests at low altitude, broad-leaved forests at mid altitude (subtropical/temperate zone), and coniferous forests at high altitude (temperate zone).
The Forestry Bureau is committed to preserving the natural environment by making patrols and promoting the concepts of environmental protection. These activities, including patrolling the reserve area, removing illegal traps, and educating the public about nature reservations, are organized and coordinated by the three stations belonging to the Forestry Bureau. Hopefully, we can get everybody on board, working with us to protect Mother Nature.