Yuli Wildlife Refuge


Production:Hualien Forest District , Forestry Bureau
Publish:Hualien Forest District , Forestry Bureau

The Yuli Wildlife Refuge is located in Jhuo Hsi Township of Hualien County, under control of No. 32-37 Hualien Forest District Office. The area measures 11,147 hectares in size. Apart from a small area of planned Taiwan Red Cedar forestation, most of the forest is indigenous. You can find broad leafed forests at low altitude and mixed forests at higher altitude . The dominant plants of the area are Taiwan Red Cedar, Taiwan Yew, Hemlock, Taiwan Red pine and plants of the Fagaceae family. The groundcover plants of the area consist of pteridophyte, YuShan Canes, Pilea Aquarum. Chinese Yew, Taiwan Yew, Dendrobium Chryseum and Taiwan Pleione are rare and valuable species.

There are 29 species of mammals on the reservation, including Formosa Macaques, Small Chinese Civets, Formosan Reeves muntjacs, and bats. The most diverse and colorful animals in the area are the birds; there are 61 species of them. You can sometimes see Spilornis Cheelas and Hodgson’s Hawk Eagles flying in the sky; all kinds of songs thrushes and woodpeckers prancing in the woods and Taiwan Hill Partridges, Swinhoe’s Pheasants, and Mikado Pheasants walking in the bushes. Four species of reptiles and amphibians can be found in the reserve. Among them Moltrechtis Green Tree Frogs, Rhabdophis Tigrinus, and Kikuch’s turtle-designed Snakes are declared rare animals. Around evening Moltrechtis Green Tree frogs can be heard singing around the park.