The Mountain Peak And Landscape In Taiwan - about Jiujiiu Peak and HuoYan Mountain


The Mountain Peak And Landscape In Taiwan - about Jiujiiu Peak and HuoYan Mountain This film introduce the establishment of the purpose、protecting objects、the definition of evil and causes in HuoYan Mountain Nature Reserve and Jiujiiu Peak Nature Reserve. It also explain the terrain of collapsed cliff、the causes、special animals and plants、ecological distribution of Masson pine、growing environment and the current situation in HuoYan Mountain. And the special landscape、geological description、the differences in landscape before and after 921 seismic changes、to explain the interaction between vegetation and terrain changes、local plant and animal interpretation in retain area and the research of infrared monitoring in Jiujiu Peak. HuoYan Mountain and Jiujiiu Peak Nature Reserve are so famous for peculiar landscape; the Formosan rock monkeys that walking on the ridges and Leopard cat rarely occur in this forest, increasing abundant vitality on this land. The files of Jiujiiu Peak Nature Reserve:Here is also called HuoYan Mountain and reported ninety-nine peaks totally; the range of land is quite broad, covering the Nantou Tsaotun town, Kuohsin village, Wufeng in Taichung and Taiping City, Huoyan mountain of ShanYi and Eighteen lohans in six turtles are listed as Taiwan's three major terrain of Huoyan Shan mountain. The special geological landscape of Jiujiu peak due to the crust was changed, orogeny, rapid erosion, deposition and weathering caused by a number of external factors. In the 921 earthquake, Jiujiu peak collapsed area of 878 hectares, that listed as disaster nature reserves, the Forestry Bureau said here need forty years of natural succession, and Jiujiu peak will possible to get back the original land that before 921 earthquake. The files of HuoYan Mountain:Here is famous for bare and vigorous landscape, located in the north of DaAn river. Masson pine forest is rare and special, was listed as a Nature Reserve by the Council of Agriculture in 1986. Huoyan Mountain’s terrace deposits is in the geological Quaternary, that’s the product of intense orogeny, the rocks formed mainly by the thick layer of gravel, interbedded thin sandstone, cemented weak; as weathering, erosion continued, terrain Cutting fragmented with rain erosion, and the flat cutting surface often happended, so the appearance is in sharp peaks and deep valleys where the combination of the scene was covered with pebbles. From south to north, You will see the magnificent landscape. In the South of mountain stream, it look like pebbles river. The mountain valley is the gravel piled into the alluvial fan, where is formed very special landscape. Especially under the sunset, the whole mountains are red, as if the flame in the beating normally, that why here is called HuoYan Mountain. Location: Miaoli County | Nantou County Subject categories: conservation, habitat conservation Publisher: Forestry bureau Production Company: Da-Mai Studio of Communication Director: Jue-Ming Mai