The Animal World Of Juiyenhsi Forest Reserve


Production:Team Of Video Broadcast, Co. Ltd. Publish:Nantou Forest District Office, Taiwan Forestry Bureau Juiyenhsi Forest Reserve is located at Ren-Ai Town Nantou County, with an area of 1,450 hectares. Most of the reserve area is on slopes facing north. The altitude ranges from 1,210 to 3,416m. High mountain flowers blossom all over the reserve during the spring. The diverse ecosystem distributed over the reserve represent typical Taiwan mountain vegetation. The diverse vegetation in the reserve bring a fauna of diverse animal species. There are 23 mammals, the most common being Formosan Rock-monkey (Taiwan Macaque). There are 106 bird species, the most famous one being Mikado’s Pheasant. Juiyenhsi River is the natural border of the reserve. Since the water quality at its source is rather hard, there is only one fish species, Varicorhinus barbatulus. As for the downstream of Juiyenhsi River, Rhinogobius are the common seen fish there. Restricted by its high altitude, the reserve is not abundant in reptiles and amphibians; there are 20 and 9 species, respectively. There are many invertebrates found in the reserve, such as butterflies, spiders, bees, beetles and fireflies, etc. Juiyenhsi Forest Reserve is located at the heart of Taiwan, surrounded by orchards, vegetable farms and tea gardens. The reserve is established for preserving and protecting the wildlife dwelling here.